Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The first pictures are in!

  Lead Artist Ras'Ammar Nsoroma discusses mural terminology and various techniques he's used for past murals. I suspect that our interns expected to begin painting right off the bat, but instead we're teaching them key information they will need to know to create the best possible mural for the Maures Development Group, LLC. They will begin designing mural concepts later on this week.
Every ArtWorks program requires the interns to report their progress on a weekly basis using an online blog (like the one you're reading!) In this photo, Interns Sydney, Kim, and Danielle add information to the first blog of the programming cycle.
ArtWorks interns are provided with a weekly work plan that details the tasks and employability skills they will accomplish and practice during each work shift. In this photo. Intern Tevin reviews his weekly work plan to help the team plan out what information to include in the blog.

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