Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 1:By Sydney Petty

Last Week, our team accomplished the following:
  • We had an orientation and we were introduced to the program, new people, and our workplace.We practiced employment skills such as social,culture,communication,and collaboration.
  • We had to turn paperwork and we had to meet deadlines.
  • We did goal setting exercise which allowed us to work toward proper job skills.
  • We were also introduced to mural vocabulary and artistic techniques.
This week, our time is going to accomplish the following:
  • We will receive informal feedback from our lead artist preparing us for criticism.
  • We will be developing drawing and design skills
  • We will brainstorm visual images.
The employment skills we will be practicing this week are:
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Preparedness
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Initiation and self direction
The mural project is a lot different from what i expected. I didn't think that i would be working with somebody who does such great quality of work as our lead artist does. Our lead artist created the "FREE JOSHUA GLOVER" Mural right Off the highway, and personally I think that's one of the best murals ever! I don't think nothing is too easy or to hard. The mural project we will be developing over the next 8 weeks with our lead artist, I just think all of it is hard work and dedication.

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  1. Nice job team! Your first official blog post looks very professional...but I did have to go in and make a few spelling changes, so make sure you're using the spell check feature!