Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 2 By Demond Sims-Harris

Last week, our team accomplished the following:

1. We worked on design skills,which allowed us to practice creative & innovation skills by creating the sketches

2.We did more brainstorming  and sketching for images,which allowed us to practice critical thinking and problem solving skills

3. We researched images for murals, which allowed us to practice initiative & self-direction

This week, our team  is going to accomplish the following:

1.  We must prepare to get ourselves to and from Manpower, Inc. for our Career Coaching Kick-Off, which  allows us to practice preparedness skills.

2. We will also meet our career coaches and will learn about our marketing ourselves and our work skills

3.The last thing we will practice is professionalism and communication skills when we work with our Coaches.

Personal Feedback:

My perspective of this program, is really excellent so far... there has been no problem...I thought we were only going to paint everyday, but instead we are doing all kinds of jobs tasks like taking out garbage everyday. The most difficult problem i have with ArtWorks is to enjoy my art because I do not feel confident about it. Like when I am painting or sketching, its a little bit difficult, because I don't always have any ideas or comments to say.


  1. Don't worry Demond! Your confidence with your art will grow in time. Just keep trying! Keep asking questions and stay on-task when your Lead Artist assigns you tasks.

    Stick with it and you will see results!

  2. Also, don't forget about another important job skills the team practiced last week: Accepting feedback. Each intern met with their Lead Artist last week to receive informal performance feedback.

    Ammar shared with you what he think you're doing well, and what he thinks you should concentrate on to improve your job performance. What was that experience like for you?