Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 3 by: Shontavius Willaby

The tasks we completed last week:
1. We updated our program blog, which helped us practice professional communication skills
2. We had  formal performance evaluations, which helped us practice giving & receiving feedback
3. We spent 1 hour with our career coach to cover our 1st topic, which helped us practiced  communication & collaboration, preparedness and professionalism skills.
4. We finished painting foundation layers on all the mural panels
5. We began to transfer image outlines to the panels
6. We continued to draw outlines on boards (tasks 4-6 helped us practice project management skills)

This week, we will accomplish the following tasks:
1. We will make any needed corrections to mural panel outlines
2. We will finalize drawings for mural
3. We will mix half-tone colors for background images

The employment skills we will be practicing this week are:
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Critical thinking & Problem solving
  • Preparedness
Personal feedback:
This program has changed me a lot. It's very interesting. I thought we were only going to be painting everyday but instead we have all kinds of tasks to do each day like painting, sketching and drawing (etc). I didn't expect the mural to come out the way it has so far -- we are all working together to hopefully have it done the right way in 8 weeks. I'm so happy to be a part of something this wonderful. I'm excited to be working with my Lead Artist -- he has really encouraged me to push myself harder everyday.

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